Explore & Play Apple

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Product description:

These are the key Developmental Wonders that this product can encourage in your baby:

Fine Motor Skills
The apple’s activities require that baby use fingers and hands in a way that encourages and trains the smaller muscles. 

The apple-shaped toy opens up in a peek-a-boo motion to reveal cute and inspiring activities. This supports baby’s understanding of object permanence. The various activities in the apple stimulate baby’s developing understanding of cause and effect.  

The diverse textures, materials and sounds stimulate baby’s senses.

  1. Features:
  2. 1. Push-and-pop caterpillar 
  3. 2. Bright rattling beads
  4. 3. Leaf ring connector for on-the-go play
  5. 4. Colorful bead chaser and mirror 
  6. 5. Soft, crinkly leaf 
  7. 6. Spinning wheel with flower
Let's discover! Fun apple-shaped activity toy that’s full of surprises and wonder

The Explore & Play Apple opens up to reveal 4 fun activities that support the development of fine motor and cognitive skills.

Full of surprises, this colorful apple invites baby to explore and experiment: rattle, press, roll, open and close.
Versatile and easy to take along, this toy is excellent for a variety of playing areas and positions (lying on the back, on the tummy, sitting).

Rolls around on the floor, encouraging baby to follow and practice crawling.

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